Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fighting Hard...

On January 25, 2017,  I posted this on Facebook "today I'm thankful for chemo. And I'm grateful for all of you. My CT scans showed shrinkage...whoop, whoop!" Sorry to those of you who follow this blog and not Facebook. I didn't mean to leave you hanging. 

It's been a while since I've had a good report from scans. So long, that when the oncologist told us, I think we all stared blankly at her and almost didn't know how to react. Shrinkage...the little f----ers shrunk? Whoop whoop!

 For now we will continue using the same tool from the toolbox and keep hope that it continues to be effective. During my visit I got my infusion of chemo and here we are about two weeks later dealing with the side effects most people don't see or hear about.  Truthfully, I've been struggling with feeling good and dealing with yuck. I shed tears almost everyday because I'm so exhausted and tired of the Big C.  Mentally and physically it can be a struggle.  Don't feel bad for me, just know that this is often the reality of those of us with MBC. Maybe it's not visible from the outside, but the nausea, exhaustion, anxiety, seizures and so many other things are behind that seemingly average looking person who has a body full of cancer cells.  We have various side effects that often seem to take over, but most of us are willing to play on and take the good with the bad. Thanks to our support systems we are also able to continue fighting hard. 

 I'm hoping that tomorrow is the day things will turn the corner. It's a struggle, but one I'm determined to fight and conquer. 

In the meantime, my E is now a teenager. 

It's so hard to believe that it's been so long since I answered that phone call saying he had entered the world. We celebrated his birthday with family and he enjoyed some of his favorite people. Although his spirit often challenges us as parents, he is truly a sensitive and kind little boy and works hard helping his Momma these days. I love him more than I can possibly express.

Little Miss had her Red and White School Dance. This was her last dance at the elementary school. 

Today and tomorrow we are enjoying our first official snow days of the season. I'm hoping the kiddos will enjoy sledding. They need some fresh air and time away from SCREENS.


Niki Alipoor said...

Thank you for updating ❤️ So happy you got good news

Ellen said...

I continue to think of you and pray for your continued strength and courage. Sending love to you and your beautiful family. Ellen (Mel's friend)

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