Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Monsters for the Afternoon

Little E has been pestering me to take him to Monster Mini Golf since the start of summer. I told him it was a good rainy day activity. Obviously from the photo, it wasn't really raining, but all it took was a few sprinkles in the morning for him to be convinced it was the day! We took along his cousins and the four little vampires golfed away. Except for a few minor nail biting moments when I had to cover some ears from the loud noises, all enjoyed the day.

The teeth were a complimentary gift upon leaving-how much fun is that! The highlight of the day was all of them attempting to sing "Living on a Prayer" on the car ride home with their teeth in. I need to start carrying a video camera with me.

We ended the afternoon with frozen lemonade and watermelade (as we like to call it) from Del's.

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