Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pumpkins, Pirates and Plants....Oh My!

We went on our annual family outing to Ward's Berry Farm to pick pumpkins. This year we were early enough to actually take the pumpkins right off the vines. There were so many beautiful pumpkins, squash and gourds in the fields. Last year we were so late that all the plants were gone and the pumpkins were being hauled in from other farms....not really an authentic pumpkin picking experience. This year it was different... Little Miss spotted this "little pumpkin" right as we got off the tractor ride. She never let it go the entire time we searched for pumpkins. We asked her if she wanted a bigger pumpkin, but she was content with her treasure.
E on the other hand couldn't get his hands on enough of the treasures...he was determined to take one of everything home!

When we took out the annual fall decorations we couldn't find E's handmade pirate ship from last year. We ventured to the craft store and we bought a new model...bigger and better than the last. He's been having a blast using his playmobile pirates to act out the battle scenes; I've even caught him talking like a pirate (it's very cute).

I got home from work yesterday to an early birthday surprise....beautiful mums and pumpkins displayed (by my two boys) on our front porch. My hubby is developing quite the eye for decorating! Happy Fall everyone!

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