Sunday, October 16, 2011

Siblings and Feasting on a Pumpkin

The gap is closing...the 3 year age span between Little Miss and E no longer seems so big. And, it's probably risky to say it aloud, never mind put it in writing, but they really do adore each other and have been playing really well together. The reality is they still have their sibling moments (several times a day), but overall it's been so fun to see them interacting so well with one another. To steal my mom's favorite latest quote, "it makes my heart sing."

and, to quickly change the subject, something has been eating our pumpkins. Apparently the culprit is a squirrel (says E). It even took this pumpkin from the front step and brought it to the deck in the back yard.
E couldn't resist climbing this tree at the park today. After all, it has steps!

"Of all the joys my life brings, a child's smile makes my heart sing."

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