Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vacation in review through Instagram...

We went on a mini vacation to New Hampshire last weekend. I really had no desire to lug my big, heavy camera around Santa's Village and Storyland, so we have several pictures taken on my phone to remember our time away.  Here are a few that I posted to Instagram.
 1. Tired boy after a long day 2. Moose sighting 3. Big ole chimney
4. Family photo on the train 5. Santa's Village 6. Mommy and Daddy in Santa's Sleigh
7. SANTA 8. Sleeping Beauty 9. Reindeer
10. Swing 11. The Cog 12. (Hey, it's the tired boy again-how did that happen? Sorry for the repeat)
 1. On the road. 2. Beautiful view 3. Magazine reading
4. E's car  5. Playground  6. Welcome
7. Two princesses 8. Playing school 9. Little Miss Muffet
10.  Little Mr. Muffet 11. The view 12. Ole
1. Balls 2. Driving Daddy 3. The boy
4. Bamboo! 5. Pumpkin posing 6. Alices
7. New ride 8. Diana's Bath 9. Peeper
10. On the trail 11. Big Hike .6 mile 12. MOOSE!

It felt good to get away and do some fun things as a family.

E starts school this Wednesday and Little Miss starts on Thursday.  I start radiation on 9/10 and will finish on 10/30.  I will be glad to get this next phase moving...

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking."
Earl Wilson

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