Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What If...

"We take for granted that we know the whole story. -We 

judge a book by its cover and read what we want 

between selected lines."

I'm not one known to always keep my opinions to myself, but I also am not a fan of conflict and controversy.  So generally there are some things I do tend to keep to myself.

That being said however, I'm having such a hard time with all the social media hype over the Zimmerman acquittal.  I'm not saying he should or should not have been acquitted, but I'd like to think that the justice system worked and those who were part of the jury made the decision based on the evidence that was presented.  I was not there, just like I was not there on the night of the shooting.  The jury heard more of the story than I have heard and based their decision on the evidence.  They were not able to conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt, he was guilty.   Perhaps my view is idealistic and ignorant, maybe I'm seeing the world through rose colored glasses, but have we ever considered, 
What if the jury is right?

I have to admit that I'm starting to feel a little offended by some of the "stuff" making its way around facebook.  Why do so many feel as though they are the experts on this case without really knowing the WHOLE story?  And why oh why does politics have to be involved?  If I have an opinion about one thing, that automatically makes me racist, prejudice or endorse the killing of one person by another?  Goodness gracious people, S-T-O-P, please!  What I believe in is the right to due process.

I am not ignorant to the racism that exists in this world, however, not every situation and circumstance needs to be made into a black vs. white issue.  Was this case a black and white issue.  Some clearly say "yes", but have these same people ever considered, What if it is not a racial act?  

Google the images of Trayvon and you will see several pictures of him.  One of which is an image of him with a sweatshirt and hood on, when he was probably about 12 years old.  Another is him looking a bit older sticking up his middle finger.  These two images depict the same person but with significantly different responses to the the viewer.   Neither, I am sure, tells the whole story.  

What image are you most familiar with seeing?  What if the first image you saw was the one of him sticking up his middle finger?

The thing is, if you watch one station on TV and subscribe to that same groups' newsfeed on facebook, you do not have the WHOLE story.  The same case can be depicted in so many ways with so many varying views with the exact same information.  What bothers me about this case is that it seems the opinions of so many are driven, not by their own individual thoughts, observations, and understandings, but rather by the thoughts of the group they belong to. 

What if you were a juror, there was no outside influence and you sat in the courtroom listening to the evidence?  Would you be able to definitively find Zimmerman guilty? 

I cannot answer this question honestly, as I was not there and do not want to base my opinion on the tidbits of information I have gotten from whatever media I have watched or heard.

What if we all did the same?

As always, what I post on this blog is a representation of me and my thoughts.  I realize this may stir up some more "stuff", but sometimes a girl has to speak her mind.  I hope we can still all be friends and perhaps some of us will have to agree to disagree, but in a respectful manner of course.

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