Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm so grumpy...

Doesn't that make you want to dive right into reading this post?  Surgery was Thursday and although my recovery is progressing as it should each day, I'm kind of grumpy.  This seems to be the pattern for me after surgery.  Sitting around is both physically and mentally difficult for me.  I get more anxious, my day lacks routine, and I end up pretty crabby.  I do my best not to share my miserableness (is that a word?) with others, but those closest to me are never spared; they're the lucky ones.  As I get back into the routine, the grumpiness fades and I get easier to "live" with.  So, with each passing day, I'm hoping the case of the grumps gets a bit better, but right now, the process seems slow.

We did have some events for the kids this weekend, so those were good distractions. Yes, I ventured out on both Saturday and Sunday.  Thank goodness this surgery has a quick recovery, 7-10 days for a complete recovery.  I'm on day 4.

E had his Cub Scout Blue and Gold Celebration on Sunday.

 And Little Miss, starred as Fish 3 in her production of Get Hoppin' on Saturday.  

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