Tuesday, February 10, 2015


In the year 1922, ninety-three years ago, my memere was born.  She was born in Canada and was one of eleven children.   Her family came to the United States when she was young.  Her family was poor, they worked hard and they started a dairy.  She and my grandfather were married, continued to work hard and went on to have four children and those children had more children.  I am one of those children. 

Where we come from is amazing, but I think we often don't think twice about it when going about our daily lives.  I find myself frequently having those "It's a Wonderful Life" moments and I stop and think about how much impact one life can have, not only in this present moment, but in the years to follow as well.  My grandmother, all 93 years of her, has created a legacy to be passed on.  Her actions and the way she chose to live her life directly impacts the generations to follow.  She is a gift.

I've written about my grandmother before, how she is not the same person I grew up with.  When I see her she does not remember who I am and even when I tell her, she is still left confused and unsure.  However, I am someone familiar to her, and she, in her own way, is comforted being in the presence of those who love her. Making memories with my grandmother no longer exists, but the moments do.  If I can spend time with her and she has laughed, engaged in a short conversation, felt comforted, or made a joke then she has lived in those moments, regardless of whether or not she will remember them 5 minutes later.  
And so today, on her 93rd birthday, my wish for my grandmother is that she feels the love and comfort of her family and all of those who are so very grateful to have her as part of our lives.  Happy happy birthday Mem.  I love you bunches!

Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed.

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