Monday, September 28, 2015

Yes, you can help...

It's hard to believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I've already completed my 3rd cycle and I'm onto the 4th, day 4 of 14 to be exact. At my last appointment, my doctor was very pleased with the way I have been tolerating the highest dose of this oral chemotherapy pill. Although this is the case, my days are not always easy.  In fact I seem to be in a bad mood at the start of each new cycle. After having a week off and feeling quite ok for a couple of days, it's rough looking at 84 pills in the bottle and knowing I have to start all over again. But I'm doing it, and I have faith that the medicine is attacking the intruders with full force.

Monday I will have a day of scans (literally we will be there all day)to confirm that indeed the medicine is working. I will not have results until late next week, but I'll be sure to let everyone know what is happening.

My cousin gifted me with a super comfy Hope shirt this past weekend. I love the words on it and so I thought I'd share with you.


A little each day
Let hope be your guide in life. 
It shines through the toughest of trials and takes you to a better place.

Even in the darkest times, a glimmer of hope will keep you going. Hope in love, grace, and righteousness. In doing so, you could withstand all things and gain faith. You will transform into a person of great character who stands firm in all things that are good.  In all things that are for the truth. In all things that are patient. Hope will give you the strength to never give up and to never be hopeless. Always keep hope close to your heart and soul and one day hope will lead you to your true awesome destiny."

Yes, all that on one shirt. :)

With October right around the corner, would you be willing to take about 30 seconds to raise awareness for Metastatic Breast Cancer? Click on this link, sign up and on October 1, 2015 we can flood facebook and help to inform others about MBC. So many people have asked what they can do to help. This is what you can do...please, pretty please, and thank you! xo

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