Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The report I wish I had...

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could write our own results? The last few scans I've had have been less than desirable. The little f'rs continuing to grow and not shrink are making me lose patience. All this work without positive results is not reinforcing.

Today's follow up revealed that there is more change. Although I'm not completely against things changing, I could at least use some things moving in the right direction.    

So this is what I'm wishing for at my next scans.

-some shrinkage with the brain mets
-no new brain mets
-less nausea
-shrinkage of little "f'r" in the lungs

I have many wishes, but maybe a few things at a time will help manage these temperamental pains in the butt. 

Today started another knew treatment. Let's all hope that this happens to be the magic tool that helps to slow this yuck down. I need a break...PLEASE.

My oncologist is optimistic about this newest treatment. Having her staying positive helps me to keep going.  

Thanks for your continued love and support. I'm certain my gas is close to empty some days, thanks for refueling me. xo

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Unknown said...

Hello, I have been following you on Instagram since earlier this year. my mom is going through triple negative metastatic breast cancer so I empathize with you. I would love to read another blog post on how you are doing, how's November/thanksgiving month going for you and your family? What's on your mind? 💕💕💕🙏🏼 You are so strong and so beautiful... people from all over the world are inspired by you. Thank you for making it possible to read your stories, thoughts and also to be able to communicate with you. Thank you for being so strong 💪🏽

Love, Niki