Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Fun in Celebration of Pepere

Fun was had by all at Dad's Birthday Celebration. I don't think the kids sat for more than 1 minute at a time for the entire 8 hours we spent at Uncle Ron and Auntie Stacie's house. Stacie is the master cake decorator, as you can see by her beautiful cake (and it was yummy too).

The boys spent some of their time making silly one minute videos with the digital camera.

Dad liked his hand-made present from his grandchildren.

I enjoyed taking pictures of some old wheel barrows hanging out in the yard.

The food, prepared by Victor and Stacie, was delicious and I was even able to enjoy some leftovers today. There's nothing better than a summer meal prepared on the grill...

as there is nothing cuter than my nephew staking claim of his umbrella. Shortly after, I had to confiscate the umbrella before someone lost an eye...he wasn't too happy :(

....and my favorite photo of the day. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

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