Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where oh where oh where is Ellie?

Ellie, Little Miss' prized possession! The gift from Memere and Pepere that started off like any other gift has since turned into the coveted best friend at bedtime. When I walked into the house tonight it did indeed sound as though someone was missing her best friend. Ellie was nowhere to be found.

One unhappy Little Miss + one Unhappy Daddy = one Mommy on a mission.

The key in attempting to locate something an almost 3 year old has misplaced is to get down to the appropriate height! Soon after I began crawling on my hands and knees, Smelly Ellie was located on a chair under the dining room table. PHEW!!! What a reunion it was; unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready, but I'm tempted to play out the scenario again tomorrow night just to capture the expression on Little Miss' face. Old friends reunited at last!

PS E offered one of his animals (he sleeps with about 15 now) to Little Miss; how sweet is that! I was very proud of him for being so KIND (being kind is Mommy's #1 rule) Little Miss refused his offer.

PSS Notice the centered text; don't ask how I did it, I have no idea!

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