Friday, June 18, 2010

Rockin' Too

I must admit, I have grown quite attached to E's longer, messy hair. It's so him; his signature look. He has been pestering us to get a mohawk...a mohawk E? Really? So yesterday we visit our friend Lauren and he consulted with her about what he wanted...Oh boy! We compromised, and the result is what I am calling a "modified mohawk". It can be styled to look like a mohawk, but, it isn't permanent. He is psyched about his new look and I am relieved the buzzer didn't have to come out of the drawer, PHEW!

He woke up at 5 this morning excited for me to make his hair stick up.

"The desire for self-expression afflicts people when they feel there is something of themselves which is not getting through to the outside world. "

-Fay Weldon

The outside world sees you E, loud and clear. Love you little man!

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