Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Thursday (on my birthday)

So today I turn 29 for the 9th year in a row. Remember when you used to think 40 was old? Not so old anymore...

The purpose of doing Random Thursdays was so I didn't have to really think and organize what to post, but today I'm having some trouble being random. I think I'll just go through some of my old photos and the first ones I see, I'll post. So, just hold on a minute....................

......almost done.......

These were taken last January 1st. Poor Pepere is being ganged up on by 6 kids!

I have a feeling he is the one who started it.

It seemed to be a long way from snow today as the temperatures are still feeling like it's summertime. I think I'm finally ready for fall.
Hopefully we'll visit the pumpkin patch on Saturday.
We visited E's school tonight for open house and met his teacher.
She gave a good report....we are so proud of him!

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