Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DIY Halloween Invites

For the past few years, we have been hosting a Kids' (or is it Kids?...technically, I believe it makes sense either way) Halloween Party, because with all the time and effort that is put into picking out the perfect costume, Halloween lasts a little longer when you have a party to celebrate it.

Here are this year's invitations.

I found these great Martha Stewart Halloween Treat Bags (for less than $2.00 for a bag of 12) at Christmas Tree Shop .

I searched for a vintage Halloween image on Google and put this insert together in less than 10 minutes on Picasa. It's not the greatest thing ever produced, but hey, it's cute, cheap and serves its purpose. The background is a combination of two "papers" I found online.

The kids then put the inserts into the treat bags, exposing only the
"peek a BOO" at the top. Fun, fun!

"Eat, drink and be scary." ~Author Unknown

PS I never liked Halloween, but with kids, it's different. I like it because they like it. It's still such a silly thing to me, but to see them get all excited about it, it's completely worth it.

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