Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I noticed today that it's my 327th post....not all that significant, just that I happened to glance up and see that number. Sometimes I'm not sure what to make of this blogging gig. It's fun, but yet at the same time, the stress of posting something worthwhile often creeps in to ruin the party. But then, I stop and gain a better perspective on things; all this thinking and analyzing destroys the moment. And so, I just pull out some tidbits from my life and post.

On Saturday, we walked to the end of our street to watch the cyclists in the Pan Mass Challenge. Lance Armstrong was a participant in this year's ride...pretty exciting, even though we didn't get to see him. We were there a whopping 3 minutes before Little Miss was stung by a wasp....yuck!
Later in the day we went to Cousin Michael's Boot Camp Birthday Party. Even Little Miss wanted camo face paint.
But, who says a girl with Camo face paint can't have red toenails? She is now asking me to paint her toenails and wants a princess party for her next birthday. I'm loving painting the nails, but as for the princess parties, I'm not so into that. We have several months before the next birthday, so we can work on that.

...and that's a wrap on #327.
Thanks to those of you who are interested in the tidbits of our life!

I love life because what more is there.
Anthony Hopkins

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