Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today's 9-11

A friend posted this on facebook today: "A Macy's ad in todays New York Times says it all....'hug your children, spend the day with family, think of an old friend, wave to your neighbor, go for a long walk, light a candle, share your thoughts, take a moment for yourself, be there for someone else, watch the sunset, look forward to sunrise'.

I spent the day at the zoo,

taking photos of my kids,
and having a picnic.
On the way to my parents' house for dinner, I traveled over a bridge dedicated to two local victims of the attack.

I thought about what happened 10 years ago and the precious lives that were lost that day...the day that is forever etched in so many minds.
How could anyone ever, ever forget what that day was like?

Today, though, I made happy memories and am even more grateful for the blessings I have been given. Today's 9-11 was a gift!

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