Monday, December 10, 2012


We are knee deep into Christmas crafting over here.  Every year I try to have the kids make some kind of ornament.  This year's was super easy.  Little Miss used her finger to make wreaths and trees and then we added glitter bows and garland and a ribbon for hanging.  These are actually very small canvases (2 sq. inches).  

 Here is E (well, his arm) making his wreaths.  He definitely is not easy to convince to make something, but he did it.  His canvases are a bit bigger (3 sq. inches) and they're flat.  I have a thing for these mini canvases.  They work out perfectly for little decorations and ornaments.  I think this is the fourth time we've used them.  I'm hoping no one minds a mini collection of my kids' artwork :)  
 E's wreaths waiting for bows and hangers....finished product to come.
We try to get the ornaments done early so we can mail out the gifts to the kids' birth families on time for Christmas. To see past gifts and uses of the mini canvases, click birthfamily gifts at the end of this post.

Ha, ha!

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