Monday, September 9, 2013

Movie Night...

For the past three years, we have had a back to school outdoor movie night.  Victor made a big movie screen and the movie is projected onto the screen with the sound coming from some big ole speakers.  Every year I set out to take pictures and then the 50+ guests come and before I know it, it is dark and it's too late to try to photograph anything.  I did, however, snap a few shots before all our guests arrived.  

This year's movie was Wreck It Ralph.  

 In addition to the candy bar and popcorn, we serve chili, hot dogs, corn bread, lemonade, Sangria and other adult beverages.  Guests brought a garden salad, fruit salad, chips and salsa, drinks and ice cream treats.
-I downloaded the printable banner, water bottle wrappers and candy bar wrappers for free from this website.  
-For the signs, I downloaded a picture from the web and used picasa to design mini signs.
-Free downloadable tickets found here.  (I uploaded it onto Picasa and added the date and "Thanks for coming"

2012 Movie Night Here if you're interested.

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