Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Stuff...

For the past few years, we've put together a summer list at the start of the summer.  I always think it will be a piece of cake to get everything on our list checked off, but, of course summer flies by, we do things we didn't originally have on the list and bam, just like that, it's the week before Labor Day.  I'm thinking maybe next year, we'll make a list of all the things we actually do as we do them instead of making a list ahead of time.  But really, what fun would that be?

One of the things that's been on our summer list for the past few years has been blueberry picking.  
Unfortunately, last year, the year of the Big C, we weren't able to make it, but this year made up for it.  We had such a great day at Boughs and Berries.  I could take hundreds of pictures there because it's so beautiful, so I apologize now for a photo heavy post. 

My dad made these containers and they were perfect for the kids.  The task of filling them was not so overwhelming because they were not too big and the kids could wear them around their necks.  Typically, Little Miss just picks a few blueberries and then dances in the fields, but this year she filled her container.  My dad is a clever one...thanks dad!

"When any lagged behind, the cry of "blueberries" was most effectual to bring them up. "
-Henry David Thoreau

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