Sunday, April 26, 2015

Iron Girl...

It's Sunday evening on the final day of our April vacation.  I was determined to get back on track with blogging, but the week flew by and here I am finally getting to at least one post.  

A few months ago, Little Miss and I were in the car and she said, 

"Mom, I think I decided what kind of birthday party I want to have."

"Great!  What did you decide?"

"Iron Man".

I was surprised by her choice, but I was also quite confident that she would not change her mind because she is confident with her ideas. So, the planning began.

Coincidentally, I had a picture I had taken last summer at her cousin's birthday party.  It fit in perfectly with her chosen theme.

I enjoy the party prepping, basically because it gives me excuses to get crafty and be creative.  I bought these bags at The Christmas Tree Shop and they were on clearance for 2/$1.00.  My aunt made the Iron Man vinyl pieces and put those on for me. I wrote each child's name with a Sharpie and the bags were used for loot bags for the Pinata.
Little Miss had a sick day, so when she started feeling better, we made these bottle cap magnets.  We forgot to pass them out at the party, so we have a lot left. 

We threw a Princess dress cupcake cake into the mix, but it had Iron Man jewels of course.

 My talented aunt made Little Miss a custom designed shirt too.

Our Little Miss was very excited
 to celebrate 8!

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