Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A decade plus 2...

I've told the story before, but every year I still like to relive it and tell it again. Twelve years ago tonight we got a phone call saying this little man was born. I knew instantly he was meant to be our son, as he was born on my late pepere's birthday...it was meant to be. 

Although it seems like a short time ago, it is also hard to remember life without this guy. E is chuck full of spirit. He is also strong willed and kind-hearted, stubborn and sweet, smart, perceptive and funny. We can sometimes be like oil and water, but there is always love and it is always a privilege to be his Momma.

When I look at how fast it's gone by, it brings tears. We have a middle schooler, 4 years away from driving and halfway to age 24. It seems we have such a short time with these little beings. I'm going to cling to this time as long as I can.

As I looked through old pictures, I found these from 5 years ago that pretty much sum up our E.

Happy 12th birthday to the boy who made me a Momma. I love you bunches! xo

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