Friday, June 3, 2016

Extra strength binoculars

I think I went to write a blog post over at least a dozen times during the past couple of months. I apologize for never actually completing one.  Let's just say I hit a rough patch for quite some time.  Good news:  my super strength binoculars are finally helping me to see some light at the end of this long, dark, tunnel. 

A quick summary of this nonsense is that I started with some pain that quickly intensified, brought me to visit the hospital for multiple days and ultimately resulted in a crash course in pain management and radiation treatments to my pelvis, hip and spine, the suspected causes of the intense pain. I've struggled with pain, nausea, fatigue, leg wonkiness and various emotional states. I'm still on high doses of pain meds, and nearing the end of the radiation, but it seems things are starting to progress in a good way. And what have I learned through all this? Listen to my body: I know it best. And even though this really sucks and is super difficult, I am doing it. Metastatic Breast Cancer is ugly and seems to morph itself into many states. This state really brought out some ugly in me and left me feeling so defeated on many days. I needed lots of shoves and scrapes off the floor to keep me going. Thankfully I have those who love me and are very willing to step right in and do the encouraging when really all I seem to be feeling is discouraged. I'm so grateful to have so many who believe in me, especially when it's a struggle to be patient and believe in myself. 

Meanwhile, life goes on...literally. 

"Have patience. All things are difficult before they become 
I know it's a short one, but it's complete. I hope to keep it going. Thanks for hanging in there with me. xo

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