Thursday, May 24, 2012


  Generally, I walk around (in public) with my kerchief on.  It's the quickest, most comfortable thing for me to do.  At home, I usually do not wear anything on my head.  In the beginning, my head was cold most of the, not so much.  I actually sweat...a lot! (I know, probably too much information, again).  

I'm pretty sure that the glances I get when I'm i'm sporting my kerchief are triggered by some curiosity of "what under there?"  So, I thought I'd give my loyal blog readers the real deal, the bald me.  If you're not interested in seeing the bald me, look no further.

Here I am...hairless...well, almost.  Right now I'm sporting the dandelion look.  E thinks it's ostrich-like.  But, I still have eyebrows, and for that I am so very grateful. ;)

Last night, Vic and I had another date night (yes, two in one month...unheard of around here).  I put my hair on for the occasion.

 And, just for fun, Little Miss put her hair on too. Oy, I think I have lipstick on my teeth, ignore that please.
 I think she looks pretty darn cute as a brunette.  

“Embrace love and compassion with all your spirit. Understand that they never hurt or offend, they just heal and empower.” 

I'm linking up with Emily today; she reminds us each week to embrace the camera.


Jess Judkins said...

I think your both beautiful <3
and YAY for date nights! I get one tomorrow, the first real one in two years! :-)

LeiShell said...

I wouldn't think twice about a fact, you just get out of the house faster. You look great either way. Date nights are a must!

Heather said...

Beautiful, my 10 year old up and coming blogger says she loves your daughters wig. Blessings and may more dates for you sister!

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