Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#4 (?) on 40th

 Thanks Kristin for my post title :)

As we wait for word as to whether or not this will indeed be the day of my fourth cleansing treatment, 

I decided to write a quick post to wish my love a Happy 40th Birthday.  

Victor, looking back I have known you since we were 12 and been in love with you for half our lives.  It's hard to look back and remember what it was like not being together.  
We've had our share of rough seas, but always come out stronger in the end with some sweetness added to our lives; our two kids are concrete proof of that.  Thank you for being the strong, consistent support I so often need, especially now...

Happy, happy 40th birthday.  We love you so very much! xo

"The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary."

 – Arthur Schopenhauer

Unfortunately, there will be no #4 on Victor's 40th. My levels are still too high on one my of my tests.  We can't get over the hump this week I guess....BUMMER!

On the bright side:

-Vic doesn't have to sit for 4 hours in the chemo ward on his birthday
-I have another week of feeling really good
-I will have the energy to clean my house in preparation for Sunday's Mother's Day/First Communion Gathering at our house
-Maybe my hair will start growing in (ha, ha)

 "Always look on the bright side. It's about being positive and determined to get through things everyday."

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