Monday, June 22, 2015

A new position once again...

My life has been altered without my permission. I have to admit I dropped multiple "F-bombs" during the past week.  This is just truly ridiculous and pisses me off in a huge way. How can one so on top of things be experiencing this? 

Tomorrow is day 5 of my brain radiation treatment but because it's only been a week, I continue to come to grasps with the entire situation and, truthfully, who knows if I ever will completely. THIS IS CRAZY!

Because I now have MC, I am forced to become a "Manager". Yes, I'll fight, but I also have to come to the conclusion that I have to manage the nonsense; it plans on sticking around.  Personally, I hope it hates my body and jumps ship. I've already had enough. 

The immense support during this nightmare is one of the many blessings.  I am loved, and there truly is no greater gift, and no greater motivator to get me to do this. 

It's often hard for me to believe that I can do this, but with the multitude of encouragement, support and love, I will.


And story #2:
From the cousin of my BFF
"I have been living with metastatic breast cancer (in my liver) for 6.5 years!!! I was stage iv from day one. I am working, finished my Phd 2 years ago, married, love being an aunt, and trying to enjoy every day!! Of course there are bad days, but I try to focus on the good days. Support around me is key and you have that!!"

Thank you Kristen for are my inspiration!


Beth said...

You've got this Linda! You are amazing! xoxoxoxo

Sarah Crawshaw said...

Please try to stay strong. You have tons of prayers and positivity coming your way from so many !! Xo

Deirdre Carter said...

Thinking of you every day in my morning prayers! Fear has two meanings: forget everything and run or face everything and rise You certainly have chosen to rise!! God Bless!

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