Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hard Stuff...

The title of this post is a gross understatement of the reality I feel right now. The choice in having to deal with it...NONE! The choice with how I choose to deal with it, however, is something I can do. That, in itself, is ridiculously hard too! My fire is ignited every morning by so many, otherwise the spark dwindles for sure.

From the beginning of this, which was merely over a week ago, the guilt instantly overcame me because I knew it would have such an effect on all those I'm blessed to have in my life.  My first uncontrollable sobbing was when I uttered, "my poor babies", over and over again. As a momma, I can't even begin to comprehend my feelings, but this week my choice was to buy pool noodles to work out, you know, some possible aggression we may be feeling. (Rule: Not hitting heads; mine happens to be pretty fragile at the moment, in more ways than one). We are all learning to be a fighting family; we're going to do this hard stuff, even though we didn't actually welcome it. So far I think I've whacked things the most.  

I still have so much to learn in this life of mine and so I plan on sticking around for a while even if there are ginormous hurdles to climb in doing so. Thanks for believing I can do it.

For me, take care of this village that surrounds me.  Be kind, go the extra mile, support each other.  This is certainly never a comfortable situation. We are not professionals in the hard times of life. We have to stick together and do our best.

 Ignoring the hard stuff may really be the only thing not to do (but, boy I get that too). Get beyond the yuck because someone needs you. Take care of my village, I need them!

My brother has been sending me jokes daily. I look forward to the laugh each evening and thought I really should share the fun too, so along with inspiration, we have some comic relief thanks to my little brother Ron. 

"What did one butt cheek say to the other?"
"Together me and you...we can stop this s@#t!"

#4 Inspiration:
"The school librarian I used to work with was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer at the age of 50. I remember clearly because we share the same bday and she is 10 yrs older than me. She went to Boston for 2nd opinions and they didn't believe they could do anything different for her than could be done in RI. Well, she will turn 70 next month! She is a woman of faith and hope, which I believe helps her.

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Rachel said...

You got this you are AMAZING!!!!!!! Love you🙏🏻😘💕