Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday Goodness in the Mail

Little Miss is turning 3 this coming Wednesday...eeeeks! We got home on Saturday just in time to meet the mailman with his special delivery. Little Miss' birth family sent gifts for her birthday, along with some Easter gifts. They even included gifts for E; both the kids were thrilled (of course-who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?).

On a side note
, Little Miss has gotten into the habit of biting her nails. I couldn't figure out where this habit of hers came from...I blamed it on her big brother, but it turns out her birthmom, along with her sisters, used to be nail biters. I love finding out those little tidbits of information...they may seem pointless and silly to some, but to me they are what open adoption is all about. When I see Little Miss biting her nails now, I have a completely different reaction to it. :)
Excuse the long bangs...Little Miss lost her clip before the photos.

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