Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Beach After Hours

There are many reasons to go to the beach after hours:

First of all, parking is FREE after 4:00.

There is just enough time for the kids to have fun and we can leave before they become "bored".

It is beautiful and often perfect lighting for beach photos.

It is less crowded; less people bothering us and less people our (noisiest) kids are disturbing

You can take family portraits on your own without people looking at you funny.

And finally, you might see some of this. Uh yeah, not exactly a benefit to beaching it after 4pm, but entertaining anyway. Oh, and for those of you interested, I was taking a video of E riding on his boogie board and got a close up of this gentleman with his soccer ball....Priceless!

I took all of these photos with my new waterproof point and shoot camera. It's a Canon Powershot D10. I'm still getting used to it, but I love how convenient it is, especially at the beach. Of course the quality is not like my SLR, but it serves the purpose of capturing memories.

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