Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Our Own Backyard

Sometimes I think we take for granted the great sights we have to see in our own communities or nearby towns. Newport is merely a 45 minute drive from our house and is a beautiful tourist destination, especially during the summer months.

It's a personal goal of mine to visit nearby attractions and appreciate what is in my own backyard. There is so much history in New England and it's embarassing to admit, but I think I could stand to learn a great deal more about the history that is so close to home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Beautiful pictures and beautiful family! I happened upon your blog after reading a comment you made on the Clover Lane blog regarding digital scrapbooking using Picasa. I absolutely love the album you made! I too would like to use Picasa because I already have all of my pictures stored within the program but I don't know how to create the album like you did. Is there a resource that you could recomend to me to help me learn how to do this?

Thanks so much!


Linda said...

Hi Jillian,


I don't really have a resource, but I'm sure if you did a search online you'd probably be able to find something.

I can also give you a step by step tutorial if you'd like. I basically just used the collage feature on picasa to create the pages and then added text to each page.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for getting back to me! So basically what I want to do is do a search for backround pages and save them into Picasa. Then I pick on of those pages and the pictures that I want and create a collage with each one. Then I save each collage I've created and have them printed. After I save it, I can add the text right? I tried with just a few pictures just to get the feel of it, but it seems like I will have a long way to go before I'm able to create something as beautiful as you made!

Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it!