Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gift Tags

I'm not big on giving birthday cards to kids. They're so expensive now and what kid really wants to read and open a card, unless you send it in the mail? Sorry, but it's true. Lately, I've been creating tags using the theme of the party. This is really quick and easy to do using Picasa's collage feature.

1. Search for images on Google.
2. Import the images into Picasa.
3. Click on the image and choose collage.
4. Choose size; I generally do a 4 x 6, but smaller would be the usual size of a tag.
5. Choose a background color
6. Add text.
7. Print .
8. Adhere to some cardstock and add a ribbon to tie onto the package.

For more detailed directions on how to use the collage feature in Picasa, check out this post.

Here are some of the recent "tags" I created in Picasa.

You can make them simple (if you're in a hurry).
Or if you can add more detail.

They are really great with cardstock and ribbon, but, of course, I failed to take a picture of the finished product...sorry! Kids love to see their party theme on their birthday package, especially when it's personalized.

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