Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Goodness Around the House

Yes, I realize Halloween just went by, but I never got around to taking photos before the big event. As I was putting everything away today, I decided to take some pictures first. Here's what we had around our house this Halloween.

Found the bat idea here .

Little Miss drew the flower in pencil, I outlined it with a sharpie and she painted it with water colors. It has the rickrack on it so it can be hung, but I decided to lean it instead. It is done on a 5x7 canvas.

E painted this pumpkin 2 years ago when he was hospitalized for his asthma attack. I framed it and take it out every fall.

More bats...

The kids made these using Martha Stewart kits I bought at Christmas Tree Shop for less than $2.00 each. They're puppets, but I displayed them on small jars.

Pumpkins made from scrap wood I found in the garage. Little Miss and I mixed red and yellow paint to make a perfect shade of orange. After they were dry we glittered them up with fine orange glitter (another Martha Stewart Christmas Tree Shop purchase.)

Little Miss' own creation....stuck with Glue stick to the wall...it's not coming off anytime soon.

More pumpkins....

A bat E made in preschool that comes out every year. I hear they are trying to do away with the cardboard toilet paper rolls...what will we use for all those preschool art projects?

A pumpkin made with Cousin Chrissy when she babysat the kids one night.

More Cousin Chrissy crafts! She's the best!

...and the loot from E's bag after a long night of trick or treating. We donated it today at the dentist office. They were giving the kids $1.00 per pound of candy. Little Miss and E each had 4 lbs. The dentist office sends the candy overseas to troops.

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