Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Thursday

Yes, I know, Halloween is over, but I have that is. Thank goodness the candy is gone...we did this. E can't eat most of it, so why not trade it in?

Here are the leftovers.....

Avozinha with the kids... she had already taken her teeth out...very cute if you ask me. E was not seeing the cuteness; he was actually a bit afraid to go near her. You should have seen him trying to kiss her

See his nervous face checking out the situation?

We made our annual trip to Memere's house. This year we were able to get a photo with all five kids. Mem would be sad if we didn't stop by.
Check out the personalities in this photo.

...and another silly face...
Here's the bag I made E for his Halloween Treats.
I'll do a short how-to in the days know, for next year.

...and just because, I can't get enough of this picture!

So much for random....

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