Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lego Star Wars Party PART I

When we finally decided on a date for E's birthday party, I had to kick it into high gear. Typically, I feel comfortable having a good month to plan for a party and toss ideas around in my head. This time I had barely 2 weeks...not really ideal when you have an almost 7 year who is counting on his mom to pull together an "awesome" party with a Lego Star Wars' theme. We managed to pull it together and I am pretty sure everyone had a great time.

E actually had 2 parties on the same day, a friend party from 10-11:30 playing laser tag and a family party that followed starting at noon. It was a LOOOOOOng day, but super fun!

As favors for the friend party, we made pool noodle light sabers. I found this idea online; search "pool noodle light sabers" for other how-tos.

After finding pool noodles during this off season and a trip to Home Depot's plumbing department, we were ready to begin.

We folded the noodles in half and marked where to cut with a marker. A serrated knife worked well to cut the noodle.

Using 2 pieces of shiny silver tape, I covered the bottom of the noodle.

Next, I covered the end (about 6 inches) of each noodle with the tape.

I added the details with the black duct and electrical tapes; every light saber was a little different.

We even threw a couple of pink ones into the mix for the girls....they were happy!

During the afternoon party, we played a game. E helped set it up. He pulled apart 16 lego mini figures and put 4 in each of four glass jars. Then he mixed them up with other random legos. The kids worked with a partner to dump the jar of pieces and assemble the 4 mini figures. The fastest team to put together the mini figures and stand up, won the game.

I intended on blogging all the details of the party in one post, however I'm ready for bed and this is just taking too long. So, I'm going to do it in two parts. Consider this Part 1

Check back in tomorrow for Part 2

**Updated: Click here for Part 2

“The Force will be with you, always.”
-Alec Guinness

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Leslie @ top of the page said...

really really cute. i have a star wars lego-loving little dude turning 6 soon. may have to steal your great ideas!! i'm visiting from BLN. thanks for sharing!

Laurie J said...

what a fun game idea! my boys are all about legos, too

Valley Girl said...

I think legos are quite possibly the best toy ever invented, for boys, girls, adults, grandparents...doesn't matter...everyone loves them. Except when you step on them. Or vacuum them up. That part's not so great. What a great way to celebrate a birthday!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

so clever!! i love the light sabers!

Gina said...

We'll be having our own star wars party soon-I might just have to copy your ideas, I love the game with the mini figures!