Monday, January 31, 2011

Lego Star Wars Party Part II

Here is the wrap-up of my previous post.

The invitation...
Inspired by this
post, where I got some of the other ideas for the party too.

The pinata...
First my disclaimer: This was our first attempt at a homemade pinata.

The are a lot of tutorials online and some specifically for the Death Star Pinata. We inflated balloons, tore strips of newspaper, dipped the strips in a mixture of glue and water and placed them onto the balloon.

We only had time to do two layers of newspaper, but it turns out that they were strong enough to withstand some hits with the light saber.

I deflated the balloons and then spray painted.

Then we loaded them with treats.

I didn't have time to put any effort into the final stage of decorating the pinata, so this is the pathetic end result. The kids didn't care and some even recognized it as the Death Star. Given more time, I would have used paint to add the details.

The kids loved helping with this project. E said "paper mache is my thing, Ma".
We'll have to make some paper mache Easter Eggs this Spring. I think I could get into that a bit more than Star Wars.

The cake....

I started making cupcake cakes 3 years ago and now it's my challenge every year to come up with a cupcake cake that fits the theme. Evan wanted a Millenium Falcon cake. The shape was not too difficult so we went for it. We found an image online and then Victor (hubby) created a template from cardboard. I put the cupcakes onto the template and filled in the big gaps with pieces of cut up cupcake.

Next, you frost all the cupcakes as if it were one cake and then get creative. I have to admit, I didn't have all that much fun with this cake. It was a cooperative effort between my mother and I and then Victor added some finishing touches. In the end, I really thought the cake came out good, but it took awhile for me to get there.

You can check out some of my other cupcake cakes here, and here. We serve the cupcakes with hoodsie cups so everything is really easy. Who doesn't like cupcakes right?

...and that's a wrap, all the highlights from the big 7th birhday celebration. Now to plan the next party for the Little Miss...

"I love any and all situations where you celebrate creativity."

-Brad Paisley

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