Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Valentine Thank You

Love is in the air....Valentine LOVE.
I found this image on the internet, I downloaded it and printed wallet size prints to use to make Valentines.

Little Miss and I found lots of goodies in the $1.00 bins at Target.

I made a sample card and Little Miss copied it, while adding some of her own ideas.

Arts and Crafts can keep her busy for a long time.

Here is her finished product....a Little Miss original.

I also showed her how to fold the paper in half to make a heart. She thought that was pretty spectacular; it's a fun thing to have a three year old be your biggest fan!

..and here's another one of her cards.

Little Miss will be sending these to her birth family as thank you cards for the Christmas gifts that were sent to her and her brother.
Next, I have to get E to make his....Hmmmmm, not so sure that is going to happen any time soon. He's not really a fan of Arts N' Crafts.

“Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.”
-Victor Hugo

PS. It is purely coincidental that Little Miss has on a heart shirt...totally unplanned....honest!

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Laurie J said...

gotta love the $ bin @ Target :)
thanks for the Huge quote--LOVE it!