Friday, April 13, 2012


There are 3 things I rarely leave the house without these days.  

1. Big Earrings
2. A Kerchief
3. Lipstick
After my morning shower, I look like this.
Those 3 things help me to feel a bit better about myself (and the kerchief keeps my head warm...a bald head can get cold ya know).
 And isn't it fabulous that my hair is thickest at the top and I can make it peek under my kerchief? I like to call that part of my hair my mustache bangs. (I think it looks like I adhered a fake mustache to my head :)  Whatever it is, I'll hold onto it as long as I can.

"Necessity is not an established fact, but an interpretation."

-Friedrich Nietzshe


Sharon Day said...

You're still beautiful!

Linda said...

Thank Sharon! You are sweet to leave that comment xo