Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest Blogger: Julie

Please welcome Julie as she debuts on my blog this week.  
Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us.

 July 21st was a day filled with many momentsMoments  are those little slices of life you want to tuck away for later.  The moments I will remember are close to my heart.  Dad hung up his dusty work clothes and worn out loafers and traded them in for a suit and tie.  One cannot truly appreciate this unless you know him.  Dad does not get dressed up unless it is for a funeral or a wedding.  Thankfully this was for a wedding.  On this day, I realized my nephew, or as I’ve called him for years, “little guy”, was no longer little.  He is a handsome young man (who looks stunning in a suit).  

Nana created her own moment  when she proved she can still play with all the kid toys and dance up a storm at another one of her granddaughter’s weddings.  

This was a day when two hearts, began to beat as one, my cousin Charlene’s wedding.  All weddings are unique and special but I knew this was going to be a fabulous day.  Charlene was simply radiant.  The day was plucked straight from a storybook, down to every last detail.  White tent overlooking the Newport water, old wooden farm tables with carefully selected flowers, mantels decorated with family wedding photos throughout the years, right down to a surprise song written and sung to Charlene by her “husband” (all men at the wedding are now wondering how they can top that for their bride).  Throughout this day and many days thereafter I found myself reflecting on a recipe for a happy marriage.  Maybe it is because two days after this spectacular wedding was my seven year anniversary.  Maybe it is because a wedding gets me reminiscing about my own marriage.  So here goes Cha and Doc, if there exists a recipe for marriage, it’s staying real and true.  I once read, “a recipe is one person’s take on one moment in time”.  Recipes are not rules, they are suggestions, something that got written down.  They are ideas, experiences along this path of what we call life.  Here is my recipe, remember moments , not days.  Take the time to make memories together, even if they are silly.  Those are the ones you remember the most.  Always laugh with each other (sometimes you’ll have to cry together too).  Clearly, Doc has already started your journey off by making a moment that will soon not be forgotten; singing a song written just for his bride!  Now that’s a moment  to remember.

Throughout this day I tried to capture special moments  to freeze in time.  There are many moments  I want to tuck away and keep forever.  I want to remember the moment Charlene appeared at the end of the aisle, looking absolutely exquisite.  I want to remember my little girl dancing her heart out yet pausing to refresh a minute with her Papa. 

I want to freeze the moment “my little guy” actually stood with me and laughed as our picture was taken.  

I want to tuck away the beautiful sunset god sent down as a gift.  The day was filled with blessings, some on the surface, the beautiful weather, the wonderful family (old and new);   some blessings we have to dig a little deeper to see.   These may be different for each of us.

Wishing Charlene and Andrew many moments  on this blessed journey called life. 

 “We are lucky, we’ve found love.  Now and forever it means the two of us.”    ~Andrew Soucy

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Debbie said...

Beautiful Julie! I think it was very eligant. Your "little girl" looks joyous and like a doll! Love the family shot of the three of you.