Monday, August 20, 2012

New Normal

It's hard to believe it's already been two weeks since my final cleanse.  Life has been busy as I struggle to find the "new normal" life A.C. (After Cancer).  Finishing chemo and moving on has (at times) felt a little like being thrown into a lion's den, it can be  exhilarating and give me a rush and then there are the times where I want to run in the opposite direction.  But, it seems especially crucial to stay calm and avoid panic; I'm doing my best and in my spare time, I continue to work on my roar.

The lingering effects of the 6 months of chemo are still with me and according to Dr. S they may continue to be there for several months.  Of course, these are minimal in comparison to the immediate days following my infusions.   I am, however, very impatient with this process and long for the days to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized without several body parts aching.   I know those days are coming...just not quite quick enough for me.  

So, just what is the "new normal"?  The thing is...I'm not quite sure yet.  I take each day for what it is and carry on with my life, which right now consists of soaking in the final days of summer, crossing things off our summer list and enjoying every minute possible with my two soon-to-be full time students.


Holly said...

Linda I have followed your blog through your journey before and now after and you are truly inspiring. I think of you often and have learned with that awful C word all around that making the best of every day is what life is all about. A great friend of mine who is just about your age with two young children was just diagnosed and starting chemo tomorrow. I passed along your blog link to her and I thank you for documenting your journey for people who havent gone through it to understand Better and appreciate their health and also for others going through the same struggle being able to read your positivity and strength on the Internet is amazing. Your an inspiration, thank you.

linda said...

Oh Holly, Thanks for reading and for your sweet comments. This blog is healing for me and it means so much more to know that others are benefiting from reading. Thanks again!