Monday, October 22, 2012

32 second boost defines boost as 

"to increase; raise"

In terms of radiation therapy, it means this:

"A Little Extra At The End of Radiation

A radiation boost is one or more extra treatments, given at a higher dose than routine treatments, and targeted at the tumor bed. This extra dose covers a small area and affects the tissue where cancer is most likely to return. Radiation boost treatments are given after the regular sessions of radiation are complete. Women who are 40 years old or younger at time of treatment get the most benefit from a radiation boost, but patients of all ages will have a lower risk of recurrence if they receive a booster treatment."

I completed my 6 weeks of routine treatments on Friday, and today I started my boost.  It lasted for 32 seconds. I feel a bit like an artist's canvas during these boost treatments because the therapists have to mark up the area and trace a template with marker.  It's lovely...anyone for connect the dots?  I guess it actually is lovely, because without the artwork, they wouldn't have the accuracy in treating me...
I have 6 days left, and I will be finished with my radiation treatments.  Surprisingly, this part of my journey has gone by very quickly.  My skin is red and sore, but things have been  manageable and the redness didn't really start until several weeks into my treatments.  So, my checklist for treatment is almost complete....

"Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment."
-Thomas Carlyle

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