Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I can do hard things...

It's been a tough week to stay grounded around here. First there was the surprise loss of David Bowie and then yesterday on the way home from my Vitamin C infusion, 
 I felt like someone punched me in the gut after reading that another MBC fighter passed away. Stupid F$%&ing Cancer!

I became familiar with Holley Kitchen after my diagnosis in June. She was a fighter and a voice for all of us with this disease. She had a husband and two young sons. Her most recent goal was to make it to her son's 5th birthday in several weeks; sadly she did not. This seemed to happen so fast, and is really unfair and devastating. Not only am I completely heartbroken for her family, selfishly, it scares me so much. No two situations are the same, even when the diagnosis is, however, my story has some similarities, hits VERY close to home and crushes my heart. 

Saying this is hard stuff is a gross understatement. It's harder than hard!
So, although it's difficult to imagine I can, I'll hold on even tighter these days and enjoy each and every daily gift I get with all those I love. There is no better way to stick it to the Big C.

Holley became well known in the MBC community for this powerful video that she shared on Youtube.

RIP Holley, and in honor of you, I will keep fighting, kicking ass and LIVING with gratitude and joy.

Stage 4 Needs More.
When the breast cancer charities call you, I challenge you to ask them how much of their raised money goes to metastatic disease. I haven't found one yet that can answer this question. Maybe it's our job to educate them. Meanwhile if you'd like to donate to breast cancer research, thank you and the charity called Metavivor is a good one.

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