Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dare to live...

When I go to my Energy Healer almost every week, I listen to Andrea Bocelli. This song is in my rotation of songs. It's powerful, both the music and the words. I dare you to listen to it and not be motivated to go out in the world and "Vivere"(live).

Since initially being diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2011, I've found that my love for music has actually become one of the crucial factors in my healing. Lyrics that I may not have paid such close attention to back before this nonsense mean something different for me now. With this recent diagnosis I'm even more inspired to cling to the words and the messages. 

Some songs get my cry on, some make me want to dance, some relax me, and some motivate me to kick some A#%! All of them are part of my healing and growth to carry on. 

Rachel Platten's song is a new favorite.
and then there is "Fight Song",
when one cannot resist the urge to belt it out along with her...when I'm in the shower...and no one is home. Otherwise I could inspire my family to move away.

Go listen to your favorite music, get inspired, inspire others and most of all, Dare to Live. 

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