Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little Miss turns 7 party recap...

Let me apologize now for the photo heavy post, but sometimes things are best "said" through pictures.  

As most of you know, our Little Miss turned 7 recently.  Seven sounds so old doesn't it?  Generally my kids have a theme all picked out months before their birthdays.  Little Miss, however, was uncertain this year, so I suggested a paper doll theme, and she actually loved the idea...usually I can't sell her my ideas so easily. I'm pretty sure I have as much fun planning the parties as they have celebrating.  I know that this isn't the case for everyone.  But for those of you who like planning and DIY projects, here's some of what we did. 

For the invitations, I used some paper doll postcards found on Etsy...
image taken from Etsy:  Charm Tape

...and attached this printed side to the back.

I ordered several other paper doll things from Etsy.  You can find the links hereherehere.

Instead of putting the goody bags together, I let the kids pick out their own swag. There were pinwheels, paper straws, bookmarks, bubbles, stickers, fruit snacks and these cute dress-up characters from the Dollar Tree.

I also bought the pink and blue bags at the Dollar Tree (2/$1.00).  I cut out fabric hearts and ironed them on and then printed out thank you cards and attached them with bakers twine (see above photo).

 I decorated the table with vintage hankies, flowers and milk glass favorites!

 (this was before I ironed the tablecloth ;/)
 My mom came over the night before the party to help me make the four layer cake Little Miss was looking forward to.  The cake did not really come out as I pictured it in my head.  The layers kept drooping and sliding, so I wrapped it in a piece of scrapbook paper to take care of the worked, thank goodness!
 By the way, the cake stand is actually glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree, spray painted white.  You can find a DIY here.

 Little Miss enjoyed opening some gifts from her birthmother before the party began.  
 She was especially thrilled to get a Creeper.
 Everyone needs a light up green and red bow to complete the party

For food, we had a Mexican Menu and it was delish.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of that because I was too busy stuffing my face.

And, that's a wrap on this year's celebration of our Little Miss' day of birth.
"On the eve of your birth, word of your coming passed from animal to animal. The reindeer told the arctic terns, who told the humpback whales, who told the Pacific salmon, who told the monarch butterflies, who told the green turtles, who told the European eel, who told the busy garden warblers, and the marvelous news migrated worldwide."
-On The Day You Were Born

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