Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Staying Afloat...

We arrived at the hospital yesterday morning at 6:40am and we were on our way home five hours later.  It was pretty much a drive-thru surgery.  It actually was a little crazy how fast they scooted me out of there. And so now I recover.  I've learned some things about myself after having these recent surgeries.  One is that I'm not so good at the recovery part.  It puts me in a funk, I get the blahs, I'm reminded of how I got here in the first place and then I'm just plain ole bitter and grumpy!  And really, being physically uncomfortable is not all that great for my mental and emotional state either.  Honestly, it's sometimes hard for me to stay afloat.  But, I also know that this is temporary and it will always does.  It's just part of the cycle I seem to go through...every time.  

 I look on social media and see things like this...   

and this...
 These are signs that I can do it and so I do, I just keep trying to stay afloat even when the seas are rough. 

Thankfully, I'm surrounded by patient and caring loved ones who put up with me and throw me a life raft when I do feel like I'm sinking.

And now I'm going to end with five things I'm grateful for because it's a good way to change my mental state and who wants to end a blog post with whining?!

-I'm grateful that tonight I feel better than I did yesterday.
-I'm grateful for pink tulips starting to bloom in my yard, even though some were eaten by rabbits. 
-I'm grateful for my loved ones who stick by me and love me through all this "nonsense". 
-I'm grateful for surgeons who can restore a person's sense of self.
 -I'm grateful to have this blog, an outlet for me to share a piece of myself and my family with all of you...thank you for reading!

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