Monday, November 24, 2014

Beautiful rainbows...

Today, Vic and I have been married for 18 sounds pretty crazy to me to be saying that.  

Today I also decided to watch our wedding video with E and Little Miss, and here are some thoughts I had while watching.

-Although I was quite confident I hadn't changed in appearance much in 18 years, my children quickly begged to differ.
"Mom, you looked a lot better a long time ago." "Mom, was this when women were not allowed to vote?" "Mom, it looks like you have a rat's nest on your head."

-Ok, truthfully, we did look young!

-What was I thinking making my bridesmaids have the same hairdos?  Sorry girls...thanks for putting up with that request!

-I forgot how emotional we were when we said our still made me cry today when I watched it, even more so when I thought about how those promises have played out over the past 18 years.   

-I'm so grateful that my family was such a huge part of our day way back when and still continues to have such a strong presence in our lives now. 

-Creepy mustaches were "in".

-We all had a lot less gray hair.

-Portuguese people can dance!

-We have lost so many loved ones throughout the past 18 years and seeing their faces on the video was certainly bittersweet.

-Time flies.

-Maybe if I got married today, I would change some things but, I'd still promise to "love and cherish" the same man "for all the days of my life". 

So much has happened in the past 18 years and it certainly hasn't been all lollipops and rainbows, but life has been good to us, and we consider ourselves blessed.  We experienced some rough weather for sure, but bad storms do make for some beautiful rainbows. 

Happy Anniversary to my love! xo

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