Saturday, November 15, 2014


If you're fortunate, you have met someone in your lifetime whose love and passion for life have been contagious for you to also feel it.  That someone probably exudes happiness, sees the best in others and leaves his/her mark wherever he/she goes.  

This past week, our community, specifically my kids' elementary school community, lost one such person.  She was a kindergarten teacher and mother, a sister, a colleague and a friend to all that she came into contact with.  I did not know Mrs. D all that well, but I knew her enough to know that when you spoke with her, no matter how brief the conversation, you could sense her compassion and love for others.  She genuinely treated all who crossed her path as dear friends. You walked away from conversations with her with a smile on your face.

I remember her joy when I would see her in her classroom with "her kids", her excitement when she greeted the families at a school fundraiser, and her genuine concern when she asked how I was feeling after I was diagnosed with the Big C.  

She truly was one in a million and I'm certain the ripples of her life here on Earth will be felt indefinitely by those who were lucky enough to have met her and even those who did not have that privilege. 

Every now and then it seems our lives need a "tune up".  We occasionally get jolted by sad events that are a cause for reflection.  In honor of Mrs. D. we should all strive to do better and be better.  Hug a friend, teach a child, and make someone smile, and when you do, think of Mrs. D and send her family and friends healing thoughts of peace and comfort.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

― Mother Teresa

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