Monday, August 10, 2015

Still walking...

I've received several inquiries about how I'm doing and I realize some of it is because of my lack of recent posting. I apologize for not getting back to everyone, but real life gets precedent.  And, sometimes I'm just not into writing. This is especially the case because I've been dealing with nausea monsters for over a week. My week off from meds started this past Thursday and I've been battling the nausea since the previous Sunday. It has been a discouraging week to say the least. I had few side effects, including nausea, while I was on the meds for the first two weeks, but truthfully, it's been worse during my week "off". Too much yuck! Because everything is still new, we are trying to figure this out. I'm optimistic tonight that relief and some answers are in my near future. 

Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to see this as a temporary problem that will come to an end, but I'm struggling. Being nauseous is a full-time job within my full-time job. It takes a great deal of energy and time to eat and even then, most times I still feel hungry because I'm struggling to find anything I can stomach. And we all know what can happen when one is can make one grumpy.

Wah, wah...enough of that. I can't even stand listening to myself with this, but it's reality. I've had several miserable days. It's been so hard and stirs up the anger within me all over again. Many days, I'm not all that confident in believing I can do it, but then I'm told otherwise. So, I chug on and will do it, even if it means walking or crawling at a snail's pace. This is a battle, it's not going to be all smooth sailing, but one could hope. Basically the Big C sucks,and that is all.

Let me end this post by saying that when visiting with my oncologist last Thursday, she was quite pleased at how I was tolerating the medicine thus far. At that time, the side effects were minimal and the major ones that cause the primary concerns were under control. 

And tonight after speaking with another doctor, I'm confident my nausea is on its way to going away. 

I just finished eating some homemade soup and grapes and actually enjoyed it. This makes me very happy for sure.

Three positive points to wrap-up this very nauseating post. 

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