Thursday, October 15, 2015


On September 28th, I wrote this post and in it I mentioned that I was going for my first set of scans and that I would know the results later in the week. Now here it is October 15th and I have left those of you not privy to Facebook posts, hanging. I apologize for my lack of communication. Have I mentioned that this Big C thing and big doses of meds sometimes alters the thinking process? I'm sorry :(

So if you have been wondering, here is what I posted:

"The results of my scans from Monday show 
progress with shrinking the yuck. Things are 
moving in the right direction. Thank you for 
all the thoughts, prayers, positivity and 
genuine love. I truly can feel it. The plan 
is to keep doing the 3 week cycles with 2 
weeks on, one week off of the chemo pills. I 
will continue to have bloodwork and dr visits 
visits every 3 weeks, infusion for bones every 6 
weeks and scans every 12 weeks to be sure we 
continue to move in the right direction.
Uncertainty is one of the traits of this 
disease, however today is a very good day and 
helps give me the fuel to continue moving forward!"

As long as the medicine is working and my body is able to handle the side effects, I will continue on this regimen. In fact my special package arrived just yesterday.

It's not pleasant arriving home to have this package waiting for me, but I'm grateful that there is something to tame the beast and it's working! 

Round four of my battle of the beast begins on Saturday. Keeping the faith that I continue to be victorious each time.

Thank you once again for the well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and love. I'm grateful you're along for the ride. 

Faith is permitting ourselves to be seized by the things we
 do not see.

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