Friday, August 27, 2010

At the farm

We went to Davis Farmland about a week ago. Mom won tickets for four and we traveled a little over an hour to get there; well worth the trip!

We saw animals REALLY close up.

This cow was eating the hay we were sitting on for the hayride.

Mom bought each of the five kids a $2.00 cup full of feed for the animals. It lasted ALL day...maybe we didn't need five cups.

The kids were able to hold baby chicks.

They could pet and brush the calves. Yes, E's backpack is huge, but he wanted to carry it. He had it on most of the day. cute!
The funny thing was you couldn't tell if the animals were inside or outside their pens because the entire farm had fences around it. For the most part, all the animals walked around freely.

I walked into this chicken coupe to see E petting a chicken.
We saw lots of this too...
I wish I had pictures to show the result of actually bringing the feed into this pen. Two of my nephews were not pleased with what happened, but we adults found it a little amusing (after the kids stopped crying of course!)
This is a rare breed of donkey (sorry, can't remember the name). It is one of only 40 in the United States.
Pony Rides for all.

My oldest nephew painted his own face...pretty great if you ask me!
The other two had theirs done by their Memere.

Ahhhh yes, and our two youngest artists!
My favorite was the big farmer's sink for the kids to wash their hands in after being slimed on by all the animals.
We even did a little scavenger hunt!

The kids spent a good 30 minutes riding these bikes around the track...even the two little ones.
This farmland also has a splashpad area with a spot to get full of bubbles!

“The essence of childhood, of course, is play"
-Bill Cosby

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