Saturday, August 14, 2010

Not my thing

We went fishing today.

The things I don't like about fishing:

1. I think it's cruel to hook a fish by its mouth and throw it back all in the name of fun. I don't like to watch Vic take the hook out.

2. I worry constantly about my kids falling in the water and hurting themselves.

3. I worry about one of them getting a hook in the eye.

4. I worry that I am constantly sounding like a nagging mother in my attempt to prevent an accident.

5. Catching a turtle and then not being able to get the hook out. Now that's just not right; I was completely done after that!

The thing I like about fishing:

1. Taking pictures of the kids and Daddy having fun.

As Victor told the kids today. "This is Mommy's last time fishing." No argument here. I'll let him have all the fun from now on. Fishing is just not my thing.

All photos taken with my point and shoot camera (Power Shot D10) on auto mode.

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